Mission - EnLight project

Energy efficient and intelligent lighting systems

EnLight: Mission & Vision

EnLight aims to exploit the full potential of solid-state lighting (SSL) through breakthrough innovations in non conventional, energy efficient and intelligent lighting systems, beyond retrofit applications. Reducing energy consumption by up to 40% compared with existing LED retofit systems, Enlight focuses on the next generation of intelligent SSL solutions.

Developing energy efficient intelligent lighting systems

To answer society’s need for sustainable solutions, future lighting systems must be green and energy efficient. Intelligence is needed for future light source modules to improve performance to cost ratio. EnLight will apply replaceable principles to maximize the potential of solid-state technology and allow freedom of choice in the value chain.

Innovative and inspiring mass-market solutions

Innovations will lead to high-value lighting solutions that combine:
- More illumination: electronics focusing on efficiency, cost, miniaturization and revolution in form and fixture
- More than illumination:  solid-state lighting with added intelligence, interaction management and new functionalities.

Freedom from retrofit constraints

Replacing traditional lamps with LEDs is just a first step. LED systems based on existing infrastructure are limited. Traditional lamp holders are non-optimal for solid-state lighting. A poor thermal interface between lamp-holder and bulb compromises LED performance. EnLight will develop compact efficient lighting electronics, drivers and controls, leading to optimal LED modules. Fixtures and optics will be redesigned for the new technology, inspiring designers to create new forms of intelligent lighting.

More energy efficient components

Modules will feature integrated electronics for reduced costs and higher electronics efficiency – an additional 20% energy saving compared to retrofit LEDs. An intelligent interface to controls, sensors, dimmers, and peak-load shaving will deliver an additional 30% energy saving on top of the energy saving due to LEDs

EnLight will optimize cost and form-factor through an integral approach across the entire value chain. Open standards and system interfaces will allow proprietary product differentiation.

Green is one of the key criteria for any new technology and product development. The European Union can take the lead here together with EnLight, creating awareness for green EU imperatives. European companies will team up to shape and standardize 21st century intelligent lighting interfaces.