Overview - EnLight project

Energy efficient and intelligent lighting systems

Project overview

EnLight combines new technology with business potential and user expectations, in a project organized along two axes:
-    Technology route: technology push, revealing the innovation landscape
-    Applications route: responding to market pull, identifying user needs, and delivering application concepts

Technological innovations influence application functionality, and application concepts shape technical requirements. User-centered design unites the technology and applications routes, to deliver innovative 21st century lighting solutions.

Technology objectives

EnLight aims to significantly reduce the energy consumption of solid-state based lighting systems for various applications. Many people assume the technologies to achieve this are available; however significant technological innovations are still required. Three major technology objectives are:

Objective 1 - Optimal LED lighting modules
The optimal use and integration of LEDs, optical design, and heat management systems, and the integration of electronics and controls in modules. The challenge is to increase energy efficiency by 20% compared to retrofit LED systems.

Objective 2 - Future non-conventional lighting units
Exploring cost-effective solutions that support freedom of design, integration of novel features such as sensors and sound, and architectural flexibility and serviceability.

Objective 3 - Adding intelligence to lighting systems
Developing reliable activity sensors, smart algorithms, a robust architecture and interfaces. Key themes include: data mining to detect usage patterns, interface to building-automation and power grid, interoperability between devices, and security and privacy. The challenge is to increase energy efficiency by 30% compared to non-automated practice.

Partners will work together to define a robust common architecture and open interfaces across the entire solid-state lighting value chain. The aim is to provide interoperable solutions that can be taken up quickly by small/medium enterprise lighting manufacturers across Europe and beyond.

Application concepts

Although technology push is significant, the real driving force of EnLight is market pull. Lighting solutions need to be inspired by end-users, and solutions must be suitable for quick take-up by lighting manufactures. EnLight’s application concepts are tailored for specific user groups and business sectors, allowing the project to implement solutions and test technical feasibility and user acceptance. EnLight will explore three application concepts:

Application Concept – Hospitality
Developing intelligent energy-saving functionalities to enhance comfort in a future hospitality environment, for example a conference room, a lounge, a corridor, a hotel room, and courtyard areas.

Application Concept – Office
Seamlessly integrating lighting to facilitate the offices of the future, using data on perception, psychology, design, and human factors.

Application Concept – Power Grid
Validating and evaluating the impact of new EnLight devices and lighting systems on the electric distribution grid, focusing on communication and quality of service.

Progress beyond state-of-the-art

The goal is to innovate genuinely non-conventional lighting units, with a free form factor, beyond retrofit, and beyond today's idea of 'just a light-generating device'. EnLight will develop lighting modules that combine optical, thermal and electrical aspects optimized for LED. Intelligent lighting systems will extend the freedom of design, enhancing both flexibility and serviceability. Architects will be able to design with extensibility in mind, allowing for future-proof embedded lighting systems.