Questionaire intro partners - EnLight project

Energy efficient and intelligent lighting systems

Dear Enlight stakeholders and Partner Contact Persons,

You are kindly invited to complete an on-line questionnaire on customer expectations for future smart lighting systems. Answering takes about 10…15 minutes.

The goal of the survey is to collect information about possible “success factors” for future smart lighting systems as envisioned by EnLight across different parties in the lighting supply chain such as architects, lighting designers, electrical installers, facility managers and also end users.

Please select the questionnaire that closest matches your professional profile:

  • For Lighting professionals, those  working in the lighting industry or value chain (e.g., architect, designer, installer, facility manager, ..)
  • For End-users, those who do not fall in the category above

We kindly request:

  • all Partner Contact Partners to arrange a minimum of 10 participants from the target groups within your network. Participants are to  be selected from colleagues already involved in EnLight, other colleagues within your company or relations from external parties along the value chain. Please forward the introduction message here.
  • all Enlight members to complete the questionnaire.

This survey is part of the validation of EnLight user requirements of WP1. It is an essential instrument to collect information about customer expectations (WP5) and to finalize the user requirements of WP1.

The results will be available for EnLight partners as a final project deliverable. The privacy of the respondents will be strictly guaranteed and the data will not be used for other purposes than this survey.

Your response is greatly appreciated.


Dr. Herbert Weiss (Osram, WP1 Leader)
Dr. Janne Aikio (VTT, WP5 Leader)
Frank van Tuijl (Philips Lighting, Project Manager)