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Energy efficient and intelligent lighting systems

Dear Enlight Partner Contact Persons,

As part of the validation of EnLight user requirements (WP1), the Project Management Team has decided to launch a customer expectations survey among the consortium partners. The goal is to collect information from different target groups about possible “success factors” for future smart lighting systems such as envisioned by the EnLight system (WP2). This survey is an essential instrument to collect information about customer expectations (WP5) and gives input for finalizing the user requirements.

Intended target groups are lighting professionals along the lighting value chain (including architects, lighting designers, electrical installers, facility managers, …) and end users.

We request your cooperation for obtaining a minimum of 10 responses to the EnLight customer expectations survey from the target groups within your network. Candidate respondents are to  be selected from colleagues already involved in EnLight, other colleagues within your company or relations from external parties along the value chain.

Please forward the introduction message here to candidate respondants from the intended target groups.

There are separate questionnaires for the different target groups:

Answering takes about 10…15 minutes. The survey will be closed July 1, 2014. Please take care that completed questionnaires are available before that date.

The results of this survey will be available for all Enlight partners. The privacy of the respondents will be strictly guaranteed, data will be collected on an anonymous base and will not be used for other purposes than this questionnaire.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards

Frank van Tuijl, on behalf of

Herbert Weiss (Osram WP1 Leader)
Janne Aikio (VTT, WP5 Leader)